1 Hour : Svadyaya with Cole Chance

1 Hour : Svadyaya with Cole Chance

I am not one and simple, but complex and many.”
-Virgina Woolf

We are to the 4th Niyama on Om Yoga Tribe!
Svadyaya - self-study

Svadhyaya encourages us to take a good long look behind our curtain to see what is underneath the many layers that make us who we think we are. It asks us to become the witness of our daily thoughts and actions and to inquire about where our stories and beliefs came from, and to separate the ones that fit from the ones that don’t quite make the cut anymore (or ever!)
What part of “self” lay underneath all of those masks and roles?

We can do this inquiry through movement, stillness, journaling, relationship, studying wisdom texts, and connecting with nature (among much else!)

On our mats, svadhyaya invites us to stay engaged. Can we inquire into our body/mind/heart in the moment to discover our needs and limitations, and then allow what we hear to inform our practice? `What do we REALLY need right now? Yet another chaturanga or a childs pose?
`How are you speaking to yourself when the sequence gets edgy?
`How is your energy; are you able to be present or going through the motions? And can you be kind regardless?

Also to have fun! EnJOY and play on your mat! (And off!) Wear funky velvet stripped bellbottoms and get your hands dirty in the garden —— dance! Give the different parts of you space to lead your show for a bit;)

Over all - svadyaya is about creating an inner relationship. Showing UP to ourselves and turning towards.
So love yourself up and enjoy the journey!

1 Hour : Svadyaya with Cole Chance

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